Mechasol is a young and multidisciplinary team of engineers with long years of experience in the natural gas , oil , petrochemical , steel fabrication and defence technology industries. The main goal of Mechasol Industrial is to build a long term relationship with customers all over the world based on trust and technical strength and serving customers with reliable solutions for custody or non custody fluid measurement, pressure reduction , control , filtration , heating and other needs in the energy sector and petrochemical industry.

Metering and Pressure Control Solutions

Mechasol’s range of gas pressure regulating and metering stations are designed to manage the gas supply needs of individual, industrial and municipal consumers

Petrochemical & Food Equipment

The units are designed according to the requirements specification of the customer.

Oil & Gas Equipment

All equipment are designed by extensive oil and gas experiences and advance design tools.

Pressure Vessels

MECHASOL designs and fabricates various pressure vessels for oil & gas , food , petrochemical and other industries.

Engineering & Consultancy Services

Mechasol provides project management, engineering and consultancy services for oil&gas industry.

Defense Technologies

Mechasol can provides engineering and machining services for complicated parts with special engineering programs and CNC machines.