Quick Opening Closures

Quick Opening Closures

Mechasol can supply 5 types of quick opening closures can be customized according to the specifications and requirements of the customer:

  • Threaded Quick Opening​​ Closure (QOC THD)
    Composed from 2 forged pieces: the male (threaded) to be welded to vessel and the female. The opening / closing is done by screwing the female to the male.

  • Quick Opening Closure with double CLAMP and single operating rod ( JAW TYPE )
    composed from 3 forged pieces: Hub to be welded to the vessel, Cover and clamps tightened by a single rod.​​ 
    The opening / closing is performed by acting on the rod which opens or closes the jaws.

  • Quick Opening Closure with sector locking system ( SECTOR TYPE )
    composed from 2 forged pieces: Hub and cover.The opening / closing is performed by acting on a rapid mechanism which locks / unlocks the sectors.

  • Quick Opening Closure –Bayonet Type

  • Quick Opening Closure –Yoke Type

Double and Single Yoke Style Closures are widely accepted throughout the world for applications where frequent access is required or where the blind flanges are cumbersome and time consuming. Yoke Style Closures can be equipped with operating aids to simplify operation and speed up opening and closing. Devices such as breakover wrenches and chain and sprocket drives are available Size range 2” – 72” Pressure range ANSI 150 - 2500.

  • Quick Opening Closure with swing locking system ( SWING TYPE​​ /T Bolt Type Hinge​​ )

  • Quick Opening Closure with floating head ( FLOATING HEAD TYPE )

These components are highly used for pressure vessels, especially for pig launchers/receivers, filters and separators.​​ Closures have vital importance for Pig L/R, seperators and wherever it is used. It assures safety and prevents the closure from opening when there is excess of pressure in the system.


Mechasol manages and controls the whole process carefully from the initial design of each closures to make sure its design meet project requirements right through to final delievery to Mechasol’s clients which includes quality checking, forgings, receipt, all cnc machining of components any welding that’s require assembly and in-house testing.


Features and Design Fabrication:

  • Designed to ASME B31.4, ASME B31.8, and ASME Section VIII Div.​​ 1 Codes

  • Mechasol’s QOCs come with the internal locking mechanism.

  • Mechasol’s QOCs can be positioned in a horizontal, vertical or inclined alingnments

  • Mechasol provides manual and spare parts for this operation.

  • Mechasol’s QOCs can also be designed with a​​ mechanic or hydraulic (automatic) opening systems if required.

  • All Closures are available with the sandblasted and primer coated and color of customer’s choice

  • Quick Closures can be hydrostatically tested on request Internal inspection and test certificates will be provided for each item

  • Third party inspection can be provided


Where to use?

  • Scrapper and Pig Launchers/Receivers

  • Filter vessels, Seperators

  • Pressure Vessels

  • Acess opening on Scrubbers, Filters, Strainers

  • Storage Tanks

  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

  • Autoclave Doors

  • Manways in Pressure Vessels

  • Terminal Manifolds

  • Meter Provers

  • Metering Skid Systems

  • Chemical Reactors