Pressure Equipment

Reliable, cost effective equipment for standard and special flow applications characterizes our products. We are dedicated to providing long term solutions that offer the customer​​ maximum uptime. We manufacture our products using proven designs that rely on ASME, ANSI,​​ ISA, EN and other industry standards.


Mechasol Serves Following Equipment ;

Sector Type

Jaw Type

Threaded Type

Swing Type

Floating Head Type

Straightening Vanes

Flow Conditioning Plates & Meter Mounts

Monolitic​​ Insulating Joint

Bimetallic Transition Joints

Joints for high temperature fluids

Pn10 service joints

Insulating flanges & kits

Preassembled​​ insulating flanges

Steel polyethilene transition fittings

Orifice Plate

Conditioning Orifice Plate

Averaging Pitot Tubes

Venturi Tubes

Flow Nozzles

Vane Pack Mist Eliminators

Wire Mesh Mist Eliminators

Filter Cartridge

Spectacle Blind

Test Blank

Vapor Blind

Spectacle Blind

Single/ Line Blind or Blank

Ring Spacer

Threaded Thermowell

Flanged Thermowell

Van Stone Thermowell

Socket Weld Thermowell

Weld-In Thermowell

Sanitary Thermowell


Sampling Probe