Consultancy and Engineering Services

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Mechasol provides its customers not only high-quality products, furthermore we attach importance to an excellent and highly available customer service. Mechasol offer third-party engineering and consultancy based on our specific skills and experience; contractors, manufacturers and oil & gas companies use our knowledge of metering and control systems , pressure vessels , process equipment and other special machines&equipments to design specific solutions for their applications.​​ 

All European and American codes as well as the major international ones are well known by our Engineers. This allows Mechasol to issue drawings, data sheets, calculation sheets and operating manuals specifically produced for each contract. All the drawings are obtained by CAD System.

Mechasol provides engineering services for :

Long-standing industry and technology knowledge allows us to offer a comprehensive range of expertise for these industries.

We assist and support our clients during all project phases with tailor-made consulting and engineering services. Mechasol provides practical solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner.​​ 

From Vision to Reality

Mechasol​​ is committed to the highest standard of confidentiality and integrity. We work strictly independent of any licensor, contractor, or maker, and thus represent​​ exclusively the interests of our clients.​​ 

Our engineering services include​​ :

  • Consultancy

  • Technical and CommercialStudies

  • Authority Engineering

  • Basic Engineering

  • Detail Engineering

  • Procurement Assistance

  • Construction, and Commissioning Supervision

  • Project Management

Experts at your disposal

We support you from the initial idea through the project planning phase to the project execution phase. We know from experience that the project planning phase is a dynamic process. Its main purpose is to clarify whether a business can be developed that satisfies your requirements for profitability, safety, and technical feasibility. Once the project is approved, it moves into the detail engineering phase. The result of this phase is a design package that consists of all drawings and specifications needed to​​ construct the plant. Mechasol​​ integrates detail engineering with procurement assistance to ensure that the fully defined packages will satisfy all the client’s requirements for a successful project.​​ 


Our approach to consultancy is to ensure the successful balance between technical, commercial, and regulatory elements of a project. With our expertise, we back up the decision-making process of our clients with neutral and objective consulting services.

  • Concept development

  • Scoping

  • Fact-finding

  • Data assessment

  • Project description

  • Due diligence

  • Comparison of concepts

  • Design optimization

  • Budget Costing

  • Assessment of Cost Estimation

  • Cost Estimation

  • Design and Safety Reviews

  • Vendor Identification/Qualification/Assessment

  • Location analysis

  • Appraisal of existing Facilities

  • Debottlenecking Strategies

  • Permitting Strategies

  • Project Representation

  • Review of Engineering done by others

  • Assistance to Project Management

  • Assistance to Project Leaders

Technical and Commercial Studies

Studies are the working steps on the way from vision to reality of a project. During the project development process, it is necessary to perform several optimization studies (or value engineering) for each project stage.​​ 

Mechasol​​ undertakes technical and commercial studies to clarify whether a business opportunity can be developed to satisfy client´s requirements for technical feasibility, safety, and profitability. With our third-party objectivity, we can identify and mitigate project risks.

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Conceptual Design

  • Design Optimization

  • Economic Studies

  • Development of a Master Plan, e.g,. a Gas Master Plan  

  • Cost Studies (OPEX/CAPEX)

  • Risk Studies/QRA

  • Safety Studies/HAZID/HAZOP

  • Environmental Studies ENVID/EIA/EA

  • Life cycle costs/Plant lifecycle

  • Research & Development

Authority Engineering

On the way from vision to reality, permitting is becoming more important during project development.​​ 

Mechasol​​ has been engaged in numerous Authority Engineering services. Our wide-ranging expertise and knowledge allow us to perform this specific part of a project.​​ 

Depending on the country the plant location is intended for, there will be legal requirements to some extent. This can include permissions, implementation operation, and controls.​​ 

Based on its experience, Mechasol​​ provides the following authority engineering services:

  • Pre-Permit Design

  • Permit Documentation

  • Steering of Permit Process

  • Preparation of Safety Report

  • Preparation of Risk Assessment/Hazard Assessment

  • Coordination of Interfaces

  • Preparation of/Assistance in Public Hearing Events

Basic Engineering / FEED

The project planning phase will be completed with the pre-engineering phase. There, the concepts and philosophies of the earlier phases will be developed to a degree of definition that allows project budgets to be accurately assessed and implementation schedules to be set. During this phase, all requirements for the subsequent project phases will be generally defined.​​ 

Front End Engineering Design (FEED) packages may be used for obtaining competitive tenders from EPC contractors. You can rely on us: We have long-standing experience with​​ pressure vessel , PRMS and gas processing works​​ for gas handling and processing facilities.

  • Basic of Design

  • Process Simulation

  • Basic Design & Process Calculations

  • Process Optimization

  • Design Philosophies

  • Process flow Diagrams/Material Balance

  • Design/Selection of Equipment

  • Equipment Philosophies

  • Safety Philosophies

  • Control Philosophies

  • Operation Philosophies

  • Process-/Plant Description

  • Pre-Bid Assistance

  • FEED Documentation​​ 

Detail Engineering

Detail engineering is the first project execution phase.​​ 

A full definition of the project requirements in terms of material and equipment, and construction and installation is​​ developed during this phase. Mechasol​​ integrates detail engineering with procurement assistance to ensure that fully defined packages will satisfy all client requirements for a successful project.   ​​ 

  • P&I Diagrams

  • Data Sheets

  • Specifications

  • Logic diagrams

  • Layouts

  • Descriptions

  • BID Documentation

  • QA/QC Manuals

  • Safety Manuals

  • Start up Manuals

  • Operational Manuals

  • Documentation

Procurement, Construction and Commissioning

With our hands-on experience, we provide a solid basis: We support you in procuring appropriate technical components, during the assembly, and in the commissioning of the gas plant.

  • Procurement Assistance

  • Qualification/Selection of Maker/Vendor

  • BID Preparation

  • BID Review

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Review of Maker Documentation/Interface Control

  • Quality Control

  • Expediting

  • Start up Assistance

  • Performance Test Assistance

  • Claim Management

  • Owner’s Representative

Project Management

Mechasol​​ organization provides a flexible and fully integrated management team that copes with the numerous challenges during all phases of a project. This organization ensures that all parties involved adhere to engineering specifications, standards, and working procedures established for the project.​​ 

The organization also ensures prompt and accurate reporting on all points required for controlling, directing, and steering the project. The project manager or project engineer is the​​ link between the client and Mechasol​​ project team. We provide an expert team of engineers and network partners, both nationally and internationally.

  • Project Management

  • Schedule Control

  • Cost Control

  • Reporting

  • Interface Control​​