Mechasol ​​ is a young and multidisciplinary team of engineers with long years  ​​ ​​​​ of oil & gas skid solutions , oil & gas pressure ​​ vessels ​​ and heavy industry solutions.Mechasol is the group company of the Falconsa Canada and headquarter is located in Ontario-Canada. Mechasol has subsidaries and sister companies in Turkey , Canada ​​ And Azerbaijan.

The main goal of Mechasol Industrial is to build a long term relationship with ​​ customers all over the world based on trust and technical strength and serving ​​ customers with reliable solutions and services.

Mechasol supports customers with high knowledges and experiences of ​​ inspection , engineering , manufacturing , project management, site supervision, ​​ start-up and commissioning, etc… to cover the complete line of support and ​​ even more, Mechasol is able to perform complete turnkey projects.

In order to serve the needs of our clients in the best possible way, we handle ​​ every project as per requirement of the client, depending on what kind of ​​ support or delivery is required. Every project will be handled by a dedicated ​​ project specialists and project manager. This setup provides the best results and ​​ efficiency. Mechasol believes that in every successful project the keyword is ​​ “communication”. Clear external communication towards customers and equally ​​ important the internal communication in the project team are essential for a ​​ successful project.

Mechasol is doing the utmost to become a monument in the international ​​ industries and to grow on the trust and respect of many international ​​ engineering companies and end-users

Mechasol carried out various projects in Canada , USA , Middle East, North ​​ Africa ​​ and the CIS ​​ markets. These ​​ include: ​​ full-fledged ​​ services for ​​ Industrial iinspections,Facility Construction, Oil&Gas transmission pipeline ,petrochemical plants and ​​ distribution networks; working ​​ as a equipment supplier.

Mechasol ​​ has ​​ an ​​ oil & ​​ gas ​​ engineering company ​​ and ​​ production facilities ​​ in

Turkey. Mechasol/Mechasol has succesfully completed more than 50 projects in ​​ 15 countries, extensive experience in all aspects of Industrial Inspection ,Oil & ​​ Gas and Petrochemical.

Mechasol can serve products and solutions according to PED 2014/68/EU , ​​ ASME Certificates ‘’U’’, ‘’S’’, ‘’NB’’ , CE Mark , ATEX 94/9/EC.


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